Puma Basket ‘Glitter’ Pack丨ooocshop.com

Published: Wednesday 04 April, 2018
Introducing the PUMA Basket Platform Glitter and the PUMA Basket Strap Glitter, both pairs available in an all-over glitter upper in silver or gold that demand attention. The PUMA Basket Platform Glitter features classic tie-up lacing, while the PUMA Basket Strap Glitter shakes things up with a dazzling three strap closure. The third pair of the pack is the PUMA Basket Heart Glitter, available in a white or black monochrome upper. Each is tied together with a gold or silver glittery PUMA formstripe. The two iterations are paired with two different stylish fat laces which is iconic to the Heart family. The PUMA Basket Platform Glitter is available for $110.00, the PUMA Basket Strap Glitter is $80.00 and the PUMA Basket Heart Glitter is $90.00. All three are available now at Puma.com. Continue to scroll below to check out more images which will give you a closer look.

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